Time & Material

As a rule it is the simplest outsourcing contract to set-up and deliver. Customer pays a monthly charge based on the size and composition of the development team. The model offers flexibility to balance team size and project workloads.

The model is efficient to choose in case of:

  • No possibility to predict exact development efforts beforehand
  • If you have no time for detailed specification
  • Project scope can vary during the development life
  • You would like to choose the members of your dedicated team
  • You have a wish and possibility to manage tasks
  • You have a scalable project to develop

 Fixed Price

The model can be employed when the project scope is clear for both sides. Sometimes during the proposal phase some risks can be included into the total cost as a developer has high risks to underestimate the project.

The model is efficient to choose in case of:

  • Well-defined and detailed software requirement specification (SRS)
  • You have fixed budget and fixed timeline engagement
  • You don't care about the number of specialists in team, their qualification, etc - just the agreed result in agreed time schedule
  • Any change in scope is reviewed like change request and a predefined special fixed hourly rate


The model means an extension of the customer's software facilities. The smooth and not risky way to start-up your own offshore development center (ODC).
To explore more about ODC.

The model is efficient to choose in case of:

  • You are looking at long-term cooperation and possibility to buy-out the team in future
  • All the resources, equipment and infrastructure are exclusively reserved for you
  • You can influence on costs structure: to choose working environment, office space, style, even corporate style for your team
  • You are ready to make the investments in your future department.