Solution for distance learning

The main task of the project was to create a MS Silverlight web application based on a similar MS Access application. The main benefits of Silverlight are high operation speed on the client-side, a lot of supported programming languages and cross-domain support for applications.

During  the work on project, appearance of the application has been entirely redesigned. The new design with the ability to change styles was developed. New administration part for users/roles/access management was implemented. According to customers' requests the new form features have been added. The system of reporting and data export was fully transformed. Error handling system has been added. The main functionality of old  MS Access based application was retained.
As a result the new web solution has a high speed, reliability, security and fault tolerance.


  • .NET Framework 4.0, C#,
  • Silverlight 4.0, WCF,
  • LINQ, LINQ to Entities,
  • WCF, Entity Framework,
  • MSSQL, Reporting services

Web-based accounting software

The project idea was the development of online accounting application for small business entities to manage accounts in a simple and fast way. The developed accounting system includes:

banking - bank transactions management

payable and receivable accounts, multi-currency

fixed assets management - easy assets register and depreciations

integrated contact management system


  • ASP.NET 4.0, MS SQL Server,
  • JavaScript, Jquery

Data Collection Software

Project includes the development and support of embedded devices, middleware, software and development tools. The tools are instruments for the application development for mobile facilities integration into uniform information gathering system. Data collection software includes own development environment for PDA and Pocket PC with support of more than 40 types of producers. Data server has several modules for management of real time pocket application from administrative, security and data access point of view.


  • С++, .NET, C#,
  • MS SQL, Access, Oracle,
  • Microsoft Visual Studio,
  • SDK for Embedded Devices

Electronic health record system (EHR)

The system coordinates the storage and retrieval of individual medical records. It offers integrated Patient and Doctor portal where patients or medicians can have access to the patients records using web browser. The following records are stored in the system: patient demographics, medical history, medicine and allergy lists, laboratory test results, radiology images, billing records and advanced directives. Also it was made an integration with clinical equipment in order to store data in one place.


  • .NET, C#, Visual Studio,
  • MS SQL 2005\2008,
  • MS Silverlight, WPF, WCF

complex MS Office application with SharePoint and Windows integration

Application server is based on publishing solution that serves a central repository for an organization's brand content. Office templates, settings such as themes and formats, along with images and PowerPoint Slides are stored, cataloged and administered from the server, and delivered to the user directly in Office via a set of Add-in over the Local Area Network.

The application is based on an installation of SharePoint Server. The content is stored in a SharePoint SQL database, and user administration is handled through SharePoint user accounts.


  • C#, WinForms, .NET 4.0, ASP.NET,
  • MVC2, WPF, Silverlight 4.0,
  • SharePoint Server,
  • DeveloperExpress, DXperience 2010,
  • Infragistic NetAdvantage

Cloud storage backup system

Development of data storage application. Online backup service uses trusted cloud storage technology to ensure data is backed up securely. The system provides access, sharing, backup and management of digital data from windows/mac based machines and mobile devices. The system complies to security standards (PCI-DSS). The system provides API of main application functions for 3rd party services.


  • java core, AWT, SWING,
  • JSF, RichFaces, EJB,
  • Seam, Hibernate,
  • J2EE, GWT, Web Services,
  • ant script, Java Script, SvnKit

ERP Virtuoso

ERP-system for middle- and large-sized industrial enterprises, which enables to solve typical problems of production processes. The system is oriented toward solving the complete cycle of industrial and logistic problems on every stage of manufacture process. It is designed to satisfy the requirements for information, make well-grounded control decisions, and track the financial conditions efficiently.

The project is a complex automation of planning practices; accounting and analysis of financial and economic activities of an enterprise, as well as powerful multi-level analytical accounting system provide opportunities for quick acquisition of financial and managerial reports of any refinement level with reference to current and/or previous data.  This project includes more than 100 successful implementations for the Ukrainian, French and Swiss market.


  • Win 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/2003/2008,
  • MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008,
  • Exchange 2003, WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007,
  • TFS 2005/2008, VBScript, VB 6, InstallShield,
  • Ajax, NET 3.5, WCF, WPF, Silverlight 2.0,
  • Entity Framework, LinqToSQL, SSIS,

Complex printing solution and labels data storage

The project consists of several components that cover full production cycle from label design to printing on multi-threaded print servers or via web frontend.

Solution is based on Client-Server architecture that consolidates 5 different subsystems around centralized Storage and Security services. It’s possible to integrate application security with Windows Active Directory and adjust permissions of different subsystems for each user and group.

The typical system configuration and roles are:

  • Designers workstations: create labels in editor and sync them with centralized Storage server.
  • Managers: validate and approve design process. Approval workflow allows participants to put comments for labels, deny or approve them.
  • Print/Report users: printing workstation could be located on the factory.
  • Administrator: controls the whole system rules and rights, components adjustment (print services, editors, messaging, logging, permissions, data backup/restore etc.).


  • .Net C#, ASP 3.5, C/C++ for printer drivers
  • Supported databases: MSSQL 2005/2008, Oracle 10g and higher, Access (some components)
  • IIS 7.0 for Web Administration and printing
  • Supported systems:
    Server – Windows Server 2003/2008 R2
    Client – Windows XP SP3/Vista/Win7

Social web portals

Volunteer management software is a system which provides for non-profit organizations the ability to collect, store and use information on potential and existing volunteers. The application covers major areas of volunteer management such as registering applicants in the company’s data repository, streamlining enrollment process, correspondence with volunteers on different matters and recordation of project hours.


  • .Net,  ASP.NET,  C#, SQL
  • MS SQL Reporting Server

SharePoint business portal

Business portal based on Windows SharePoint Services and designed to create a common information space with regulated access to corporate databases through Intranet/Internet for remote branches or partners. Corporate database consolidates data from several OLTP databases.


  • SharePoint Services,
  • MS Windows Server, MS SQL Server,
  • Web Services, ISAPI, IIS,
  • WSS WebParts

Extension module for internal ERP system

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization, embracing finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management, etc.

ERP systems automate this activity with an integrated software application. Its purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.

Mentioned module calculate Return Of Investment values for manufactured goods.


  • .NET, C#; web 2.0, JavaScript, AJAX,
  • MS SQL 2005, XML, Web Services, SharePoint
  • ASP. NET, Ext JS, VS 2005, Ext#