Marka as a Java software development company has extensive experience in developing different kinds of Java applications. We are focused on applying both Web-based and Desktop (rich client) interfaces.

We provide you dedicated Java developers with high qualification and solid experience in Java Client-Server applications, Web services, e-commerce applications, J2EE applications, GWT applications.

SAVE upto 50% compared to  in-house employee hiring!

Open source tools

  • Application servers: JBoss, Oracle Weblogic
  • Database: MySql, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL
  • Web framework: Struts, Spring, JSF, Ajax
  • GWT Application development
  • Seam Foundation Application
  • Data management layer: Hibernate

Java Expertise

  • Experience in Java software development 10+years
  • Our team - experienced Java developers
  • Wide range of Java technologies
  • Focus on Java web application development
  • Rich interface application development
  • Migration, integration and maintenance of Java applications
  • SaaS application development

Objectives and benefits of Java Application Development

  • Java slogan: "Write Once, Run Anywhere"
  • simple, object oriented independent platform
  • unwilling security for web development
  • allow the same program to be executed on multiple operating systems
  • contain built-in support for using computer networks
  • designed to execute code from remote sources
  • allocate objects on the stack and API's can easily be accessed

One of the Marka's competence is the internet web application development for:

  • Retail and e-Commerce Java solutions
  • B2B Java application 
  • B2C Java application
  • Online storage management systems
  • Social networking portals
  • Corporate Internet portals
  • Real estate and educational portals
  • On-line job portals development

Java Programming and Scripting

  • Java SE 1.5-1.6
  • JavaScript
  • AWT, SWT, Swing
  • Eclipse RCP
  • Struts
  • Spring MVC
  • JSP
  • AJAX

Rich GUI

  • GWT
  • Java Server Faces

Web Services

  • SOAP
  • XML

Enterprise Technologies

  • EJB
  • Hibernate
  • Spring

Application Servers

  • Redhat JBoss
  • Oracle, Weblogic
  • IBM Websphere

Portal Technologies

  • WebCenter Interaction
  • WebCenter

Java web development

  • J2EE applications development
  • GWT applications development
  • J2ME applications development
  • Java GUI applications development