Computing Expertise

Cloud is a relatively new software development concept focused on computing delivery as a service in network (as a rule Internet or ' clouds ').

Cloud computing technologies provide possibility to avoid capital investments in software development services and infrastructure.

Marka possess good capabilities in cloud computing projects implementation including application migration into cloud based environment and application development for cloud business models.

Today, we use Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services.

Windows Azure Application Development

Windows Azure is a flexible and cloud platform which provide develop and manage different web applications through Microsoft datacenters.

Windows Azure supports not just MS .NET but also non-Microsoft languages (Java, PHP, etc.)

Amazon Services

AWS is a set of on line web services which develops Amazon cloud computing platfrom. It supports SOAP, HTTP, REST protocols. Marka provides the development of software applications to be used as cloud services.

Cloud Features

  • location independence-delivery via Internet
  • easy maintenance -no personal installations
  • REST base API
  • self service for users - sharing costs and resources
  • high scalability

Why to choose Windows Azure?

  • Geo location of hosting severs
  • Fast software deployment – real time backups
  • Easy ramp to the cloud - .net skills can be enough
  • High agility – changes without downtime
  • Compatibility – SOAP, HTTP, RSS, REST, etc
  • Share caches